BOMBSHELL: Trump Caught Saying Vulgar Comments on Women

The latest bombshell video of Donald Trump speaking crudely and demeaning about women couldn’t come at a worse time. Two days before a pivotal debate vs Hillary Clinton the Republican nominee and his campaign is scrambling. There are a lot of things Donald Trump may be able to get away with among his own party but this? Donald Trump already… Read more →


Trump Set to Go Hard at Hillary in Sunday’s Presidential Debate

Debate number one was a flop for Donald Trump, regardless what him or his surrogates would have you believe, and the Republican nominee for President has taken a dip in many battleground state polls. This “loss” for Donald Trump does not sit well with him and you can tell that he was not happy about it immediately following the debate.… Read more →


60 Days: Democrats Who Think Trump Has No Chance Better Wake Up

The talk on the left seems to be one of victory these days. So many are so sure that this election is all but won with more than 60 days left before election day. They cite the polls in the battlegrounds and the constant foot-in-mouth disease exhibited by Trump. This is all “proof” that Hillary is as good as sworn… Read more →

Donald Trump Meh

Trump Bricks Tweet Bashing Hillary on CONFIDENTIAL Classification

When you are going to attack someone for not knowing something you better make sure that you know it yourself. Donald Trump took to Twitter to bring up the Hillary Clinton email scandal and bash the Democratic Presidential Nominee on now knowing what the “C” marking on emails meant. Trump couldn’t believe that Hillary didn’t know the “C” on the… Read more →

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